Joomla Web development

Joomla Web development

Joomla is a popular content management system used widely throughout the web and Place1 offers affordable and quality Joomla web development service. We develop elegant Joomla websites complete with all the necessary plug-ins. More and more website are coming up which have been developed solely on Joomla. The online content management has changed dramatically in the recent past content management systems have become commonplace with Joomla like CMS programs being preferred over traditional websites.

What is Joomla

Joomla is an open source Content Management System. A Content Management System allows one to easily manage online data and publish it on required pages. Joomla has a user friendly back-end using which new articles can be published on the website within minutes. Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems around, with many small and big business using it to manage their blogs and commercial websites.

Joomla websites has many applications and usage from online magazines to private intranet web applications. Joomla web development is used commonly to build commercial web portals, e-commerce websites, school and university portals and personal blogs.

Joomla is a favorite among bloggers since a Joomla website that has been setup can be easily updated and new articles can be added quickly without any hassle.. Many companies these days run a corporate blog to keep the stakeholders and the general public informed about the current work and other company affairs and with CMS such as Joomla, maintaining a blog becomes as easy as a walk in the park.

There are thousands of Joomla extensions that can be used with Joomla to add more functionality to a Joomla website.

MTV, Citibank and Harvard University is among the many organizations which Joomla based waebsites. Perhaps the reason Joomla websites are becoming popular day by day lie in the fact that Joomla is developed by an online community of developers and Joomla gets better with every update.

What We Do

At Place1 we have a team of developers who have all the Joomla web development experience in the world. We build professional looking Joomla blogs and portals from scratch as well as reinvented existing Joomla websites. We have built Joomla websites that works as full fledged portals and we have setup CMS blogging platforms for our customers as well.

We make sure that the end goals of our customers are met and they get what they wanted out of their Joomla websites. Out costumers do not need to be stressed about the details as we take care of everything.

Our team is well trained in using the tools required to build Joomla websites. We always install the latest Joomla version and extensions while developing a website for a client.

We also develop professional looking blogging platforms for our clients. Using our tweaked Joomla backed end blogging becomes a breeze,

We make use of over hundreds of Joomla themes to give it a user friendly look. If required we can make use of Joomla extensions extensively to deliver a content management system which will make our clients satisfied from the work in turn to their expenses.

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